How This Gay Couple Tricked A Homophobic Pizza Place

Photo: Photographed by Winnie Au.
The only thing that can make pizza taste better is a sprinkling of poetic justice. Back in April, Walkerton, Indiana's Memories Pizza made headlines when the family that owns it vowed they would never provide the food for a same-sex wedding. The shop became the go-to example of the kind of business that needed protecting under under Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which had recently been signed by Governor Mike Pence.

Yet just five months later, newlyweds Robin Trevino and Jason Delgatto were able to enjoy Memories Pizza at their wedding reception. The owners hadn't had a change of heart, however.
Here's how it went down: Trevino bought two pizzas from Memories without explaining they'd be enjoyed at a gay couple's wedding celebration. That day, his comedy troupe, GayCo Productions, posted a video titled "Memories Pizza Just Catered My Gay Wedding." Though Trevino and Delgatto obtained a marriage license in Iowa a year ago, they chose this month to celebrate by renewing their vows (and eating some very exclusive pizza) now that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. The video shows Trevino announcing to his guests exactly where the pizza came from. Maybe it was just all the love in the air, but their cheers make it obvious they were pretty moved by the prank.

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