Here's Everything Leaving Netflix In October

Photo: Courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment.
Get your tissue box. Cue up the Boyz II Men. Light some candles. It's time to bid adieu to some of the TV shows and movies that have brought you so much joy on Netflix. We're gathered here today to bring you the sad news of the dearly beloved titles soon to be departing the 'flix throughout October. Do you have your coping materials at the ready? Great, let's take a quick perusal through just a few pop culture touchstones about to leave us forever.

The vampires may be eternal, but Twilight (2008), it turns out, is not. The saga that spawned several sequels' time on Netflix is short-lived, much like RPattz and KStew's relationship (too soon?). It leaves October 1. You have but a few short days to hear Edward Cullen deliver romantic lines such as, "You're like my own personal brand of heroin," to Bella. Swoon, am I right?

Also well worth checking out before it heads off into the ether? (Sidenote: Where do Netflix movies go when they disappear? #showerthoughts) Chico & Rita (2010), a beautifully animated love story set against the backdrop of the jazz scene in 1940s Cuba.

Keep reading to see what else you need to watch before it disappears from Netflix forever in October. Get binging, friends.

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