There's Now A Hillary Emoji For Every Situation

Photo: Courtesy of Snaps.
The New Yorker may have done it first, but branded keyboard developer Snaps made it available to the masses — we're talking about the first all-Hillary-Clinton emoji keyboard, and it's available for download on both iOS and Android devices. To date, she is the only 2016 candidate with a whole keyboard of emojis dedicated to her image, cause, and accessories. That's right, there are scrunchie emojis here, people.

The designs range from custom #VoteGoddess logos to Hil-inspired twists on classic reaction emojis. Because why should you settle for a generic Sassy Girl Emoji when you can have a Laughing Hillary In Pearls And Shades Emoji? Once downloaded, the keyboard will appear separately on your phone, but that won't keep you from crossing emoji streams with your standard library. Just imagine the possibilities: Proud Hillary In Blue Pantsuit, Trophy, Money Bag, and Shining Star, all in a row. Or the Okay Hand Sign, Scrunchie, Scrunchie, Scrunchie — to let your friend know that you're totally ready for your girls' night out.

Click through to check out some of our favorite Hillmojis, and which situations they are best suited for. Also, be sure to have them ready for the first Democratic debate — Tuesday, October 13 — to really elevate your live-tweeting.

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