This Website Lets You Write An Email To Your Future Self

If, as a high school freshman, you were never assigned a letter to your future self, here's your chance. There is a website that lets you email yourself — with a major time delay. In fact, FutureMe allows you to write to yourself all the way until 2065. And with the seasons changing and the Fall Equinox upon us — a time of reflection, renewal, and, ultimately, preparation — it's the perfect time to compose a letter to the you of five, 35, or even 50 years from today. FutureMe was first developed in 2003 by Matt Sly and Jay Patrikios, and it is still going strong. With a simple mission statement ("Memories are less accurate than emails. And we strive for accuracy.") and an even simpler site design, it's reached countless users, and has even led to a book. The more recently developed Inbox by Gmail similarly allows you to prepare emails and then have them "snooze" until a determined send time, although it lacks the same capacity for spiritual evaluation as FutureMe. "This is not a reminder service," Sly clarified for NPR. It's an opportunity for reflection and forward-thinking. Below, we've offered a few thoughts about ourselves to get you started, but let your imagination run wild. Like the future itself, your message can be as profound or as silly as you like.

To yourself in 2020:

Hiya self! How's it going? Did you ever get that dog? Did you ever move to that apartment? Are you dating anyone? Have you stopped dating you-know-who? Have you taken that trip yet? Please take that trip. I hope you're staying aware of the trends but following them to a lesser extent. You're five years older than I am! It's fine if you don't know what the Song of the Summer is going to be. Are you at the same job? Have you talked to mom recently? You're mature now. Try talking to mom a little more than I do right now, please. Also, hey, remember this? Still the best thing on the internet, right? No? Wow, a lot can change in five years.

To yourself in 2050:

Hi there self, how are you reading this? It is my hope that you have received this message on one of those translucent Tony Stark screens, only in the comfort of your own home. Are you a homeowner by now? What's your hair like? Still the same color? Have the Hunger Games happened? Have you taken that trip yet? I swear, future self, do this one thing. Do it for me, who is you, just in 2015.

To yourself in 2065:

Dearest self, by all that is holy, you better have taken that trip. Other than that, I'm sure you've gotten yourself together. Kisses from the distant past!

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