Karlie Kloss Got Christy Turlington To Write Her College Recommendation

Photo: REX USA
Because supermodels stick together, Christy Turlington wrote a college recommendation for Karlie Kloss, the New York Times reports. If you didn't know, Kloss began her freshman year at N.Y.U. this week. Before she could head back to school, however, she had to fill out all the same forms as every other freshman hopeful — supermodel status doesn't get you out of that one.

So Kloss turned to Turlington, who is an N.Y.U. alum as well as a '90s supermodel, for her recommendation. "It was all about my crush on Karlie in 500 words. She is going to take this education and blow it up. She’s so eager and ready and thoughtful about her next steps," Turlington told The Times.

Kloss credits Turlington with the idea of going to college as a model. Turlington turned the heat down on her own career in 1994, when she was at the apex of her supermodel fame, to attend college herself. After graduating from N.Y.U., she continued on at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.

This doesn't mean you can expect to see less of Kloss on the runway or in magazines. She says that she plans to keep modeling while she's in school. "I want to do this job for decades, but I don’t want to burn myself out with it now," Kloss said. "Going to school is part of that balance. There’s so much I want to learn."

The one thing Kloss doesn't reveal? What she plans to major in. We've got our money on computer science!

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