Caitlyn Jenner Reveals One Of The First Ways She Started Transitioning

In a new edition of her #AskCait segment, Caitlyn Jenner responds to a fan's question about her beauty routine. "Hi Caitlyn. I'm curious — how has your skin and skin care changed since your transition? You are beautiful!" DK writes. Jenner shared the question on her website and Twitter. Jenner answers DK's query in a video, where she shares that she actually had her beard removed in the '80s. That process took a lot of volume out of the skin in her chin area and left it pockmarked. "But that has gotten better over the years," Jenner says. She then shares that she always did her own makeup prior to I Am Cait. Now that she has her own reality show, though, she has it done because, "You know, it's television. You want to look good." All in all, Jenner comes across as very sweet and genuine in the video. She tries to helpfully answer DK's question in an approachable and inclusive way. Jenner also says that she primarily uses MAC products. Could there be a campaign in her future?

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