This Pro Surfer Hit The Waves In Heels And An LBD

Photo: Via AlmoFilm/YouTube.
Wearing heels without limping, hobbling, or face-planting is a legit challenge for many of us, and surfing sans wiping out is also a struggle. The thought of doing both at once sounds crazy, but French pro surfer Maud Le Car makes it look laughably easy. And, she's wearing a little black dress to complement those heels.
This isn't the first time surfing and heels have mingled. In 2013, a group of Russian surfers took part in a surfing-in-heels competition in Bali. But, why was Le Car catching waves in a party dress? She tweeted the video with the caption "Just lost a bet...". Most likely, she's shooting an ad for Para'kito, a mosquito repellent line, since the video ends with the company's tagline: "Naturally free." Also, Le Car is sponsored by the bug-squelching brand. YouTube commenters really dug the clip — "I wanna marry this woman. Goodness!". — but her outfit wasn't complete for some viewers: "Why no handbag?"
Photo: Via AlmoFilm/YouTube.

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