Google’s Got A New Look

Photo: Courtesy Google.
Google's got a brand-new look to accompany its brand-new name. Now that it's a subsidiary under Alphabet, Google updated its iconic logo today with a new font...and a GIF! The company ditched the serifs of its previous logo, which it has kept virtually unchanged since 1999. Now, the logo is a Helvetica-like font Google created, called Product Sans. The new font, according to Fast Company, is better suited for scaling to different sizes on smartphone, laptop, and smartwatch screens. The logo is also, officially, a GIF.
GIF: Courtesy Google.
This is not only a fun and entirely modern take; it's also great for branding: Now, when you perform a voice search on Google services, the app can cycle through the logo GIF as it processes your query. There's also a singular "G" logo, colored in the company's signature red, yellow, green, and blue hues, to accompany the GIF. You can check out Google's new look on its website today, complete with a Google doodle that erases the old logo and draws in the new.

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