15 Of Beyoncé’s Most Iconic Music Videos

September 4 is Beyoncé's birthday but we're celebrating early. This year, we give praise to the ultimate Virgo with a list of her 15 best videos. It's no small feat to make this list: Queen Bey has over 50 videos to her name at this point, including several new ones from her visual, self-titled album from the end of 2013. Bey has been speaking to us through images for years now.
One thing we noticed is that she's got a signature style to which she often returns: the performance fashion video. Beyoncé loves nothing more than a good fashion-forward video, with different dresses and hairstyles. But where most pop stars stick to a few looks, Beyoncé will work in 12. Looking back through her career, it's amazing how many trends she's been ahead of. She was doing early '60s revival before Mad Men was a thing ("Get Me Bodied"), she was post-industrial before Kanye became Yeezus ("Diva"), and made her own feminist Mad Max before Fury Road ("Run The World").

In short, Beyoncé doesn't follow the trend. She sets it. See for yourself, as she does it all over her best music videos.

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