6 Podcasts To Listen To After A Breakup

This article was originally published on August 24, 2015.
You've just gotten off the phone with your BFF, or maybe your mom. You're looking up Lifetime movies. Adele might be playing somewhere in your home. You walk among the wreckage of a breakup, and you're thinking about wallowing.
First of all, who can blame you? It's been found that dwelling on a breakup can ultimately help you move on, and, hey, you're only human. You're allowed a day or two of being housebound, swathed in strictly sweatpant material from head to toe. But, after that initial phase, you may want to rejoin the rest of the world, and get a little creative with your romantic rehabilitation. When that time comes, it's going to help to have something to listen to while you focus on cleaning that slate of yours.
We already know what podcasts can do for your morning commute and your summer road trip, but can they help you get over a breakup? We've rounded up six of the best episodes (from six of some of the best podcasts) that, each in their own way, will help you shift perspective, take your mind off your past relationship, and, potentially, inspire you to change out of those sweats.

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