19 Kids‘ Josh Duggar Among Those Revealed In Ashley Madison Hack

Photo: Patsy Lynch/REX Shutterstock.
The Ashley Madison hackers kept their word. Today, they revealed the personal information of more than 32 million users. Among those names: government employees, prominent citizens, and 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar. Duggar used at least two different accounts with Ashley Madison beginning in 2013, Gawker reports. Overall, he paid more than $1,000 for the service, including a $250 for a money-back “affair guarantee." During at least part of this time, Duggar was also executive director of the Family Research Council, a conservative lobbying organization. It would seem that championing "marriage and family as the foundation of civilization," as the group aims to accomplish, was not so much a personal mission as a front. In May, Duggar, a father of four, confessed to molesting five underage girls as a teenager; TLC subsequently cancelled the show and removed 19 Kids from its lineup. Duggar is just one of many notable names bound to surface in the leak. According to The Hill, More than 15,000 government emails were revealed in the massive data dump. Among those, it included a number of prominent names in the legal field, such as more than 10 federal district court clerks and judges, 10 Department of Justice employees, and at least one law professor at an elite law school. MarketWatch also found that a number of banking employees at institutions like Wells Fargo and Bank of America used the adultery service. Twitter accounts publicly shaming Ashley Madison account owners (like this one outing users from Kentucky) are also starting to crop up. The general public's opinion regarding the hack:

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