This Sweet, Abused Pit Bull Will Undergo Facial Surgery To Make Her More Adoptable

With a name like Khaleesi, it's no wonder this incredible warrior of a dog has captured the hearts of so many. Khaleesi's story — one which started as an unthinkable tragedy and is headed in an amazing new direction — has gained national attention this week. A pit bull puppy from Florida, Khaleesi's face is terribly disfigured due to the horrific, systematic abuse she endured. As ABC News reports, the dog was found earlier this month dumped on a yard "with multiple injuries, including immobile hind legs, missing lips, a missing nasal cavity and at a weight of just 15 pounds." Her case is currently under investigation by animal rescue officers. The harrowing photos of Khaleesi's deformed face have tugged at the hearts of many dog lovers. The resilient canine, who's been taken in by the foster group Passion 4 Pits, will have to undergo surgeries before she's ready to be adopted. (The dog will not only need work on her face, but her knees, rib, and spine as well.) As Passion 4 Pits founder Stephanie Paquin explained to ABC News, "It's going to be at least six months of surgery before we can issue an adoption. Our focus is on getting her a nasal cavity, because she's in danger of aspirating whenever she eats or drinks something. Once her rehabilitation is complete, we will put her up for adoption and we will find a family that’s deserving of her love and attention." We have a feeling that with the outpouring of support and donations heading Khaleesi's way, countless people will want to make this survivor their new family member. And while Khaleesi's story may flood you with tears of sadness or tears of pure rage (or both, because, seriously who could do such an unthinkable thing?), there are definitely some happy tears to be shed, too. Paquin assured BuzzFeed that the dog is friendly, happy, and unconditionally loving, despite everything she's been through. The feeling of unconditional love is mutual, Khaleesi.

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