The Most Popular Emoji In Your State May Surprise You

Photo: Courtesy SwiftKey.
The United States is a vast and diverse country. It's unsurprising that, with so many different kinds of people, the country's mobile habits vary a lot — and that includes our emoji use.

SwiftKey examined data from its iOS and Android keyboards and broke down our favorite emojis, state by state. For some states, the most popular emojis are exactly what you'd expect. For others, well...what on earth are you guys texting about?

New York's most used emoji shows some serious state pride: It's the Statue of Liberty. On the West Coast, when Californians aren't busy complaining about traffic on the 101, they're using the taxi emoji. For those up in Washington state, the earbud with musical notes is the most popular — fair enough, Seattle. In the Lone Star State, however, the grape emoji wins. As a native Texan, I find this one particularly bizarre.

Nevada swings to extremes (perhaps ironically): The eggplant, open mouth, key, and video camera icons make it into the state's (sexy) top five, but then again, so does the angel emoji. Meanwhile, Hawaii does nothing to debunk stereotypes: surfing, pineapples, rainbows, waves, and the volcano emoji reign supreme (but, weirdly, Maine is actually number-one when it comes to the volcano).

If you want to look deeper into your own emoji use, the SwiftKey app can give you some insight. And for more details about your state's favorite emojis, click here. You'll never guess who loves koala bears the most.

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