The Most Terrifying & Useful Barbie We’ve Ever Seen

Photo: Courtesy Instructables.
Outside of fueling fashion-related play sessions and entirely unrealistic body-image goals, Barbie dolls don't really have that much utility. Until now, that is: Instructables user Mikeasaurus figured out how to hack a Barbie into something far more useful (and a little bit terrifying). If you trust your child to handle sharp blades, you can transform boring old Barbie into a Swiss Army knife. As Mikeasaurus explains, it's a great way to "empower young girls to expand their horizons beyond playing with stereotypical gender-reinforcing toys." All you have to do is saw Barbie in half at the waist and fuse her with the sawing, slicing, and snipping components of an actual Swiss Army-style multitool. A notch in her side makes it easy to access the tools and the two halves of her body snap together thanks to magnets. The whole thing costs around $15 to accomplish (but you may want to borrow a friend's rotary tool to quickly and safely saw your doll in two).
GIF Courtesy Instructables.
We're not quite sure if anyone would really build this doll-ma-tron for their child, but a responsible, adult-supervised eight- or ten-year-old could probably handle the doll's stabby innards. It would, at least, make an awesomely bizarre addition to an adult's Barbie collection — if you're mentally and emotionally strong enough to saw a doll in half.

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