Here’s How To Find Out Who Ignored Your Facebook Friend Request

Facebook knows a lot about you: Where you are, your relationship status, your credit rating, and whether or not you added a rainbow filter to your profile picture to celebrate Pride, among other things. (Seriously, people, if you're looking for a job, don't post incriminating photos to your page. Just don't. It will come back to bite you.) But now, it's time for you to find out a little bit more about Facebook. Well, the wide realm of people you'd like to call friends on Facebook, that is. Thanks to a wonderful tutorial from the folks at Buzzfeed, you can now find out exactly who ignored your friend request. Here's how: Step 1: Go to the "Find Friends" tab of your profile page.
Photo: Courtesy of Facebook
Step 2: The "Find Friends" tab defaults to friend requests that you've received. Simply click on "View Sent Requests," and the display will switch to showcase any requests you've sent out that are still pending. (Meaning: ignored.)
Photo: Courtesy of Facebook
Step 3: Reassess your real-life relationships with the people that left you hanging. Decide they're idiots who are missing out on your amazingness, and move on. Full disclosure: I'm happy/slightly relieved to learn that the only pending request I have hanging out there in the digital ether is for a business that no longer exists. (Now we know why?) Other coworkers had some more starting discoveries, including one who found that a former teacher they'd attempted to "Friend" had actually died. (Here's hoping you don't stumble upon that kind of sad news!) Another R29 staffer discovered that the girl who had pretended to be her cousin's girlfriend at a family event had left her hanging – as had the one and only Liz Lee from the 2010 mockumentary-style MTV show My Life Is Liz. C'est la vie.

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