The Kardashian Sisters Team Up To Defend Kris From Caitlyn’s “Hurtful” Remarks

If you're watching the E! mini docu-series I Am Cait (and you really should be, it's quite impressive) then you know that Caitlyn Jenner isn't shying away from anything. The ups and the downs, the highs and the lows of everything that's unfolded during her transition is all laid out on the table. Or, in this case, in front of the cameras. The past two episodes have chronicled Jenner's journey to learning more about her community with a group of incredible trans women, but it looks like this week's new episode will deal with something she's only scratched the surface of: the Kardashian clan and their squabbles. In a new clip from Sunday night's episode, Kim Kardashian (who has briefly appeared on the series, including a quick visit with husband Kanye West) has a confrontation with Jenner about that now-famous Vanity Fair cover story. Kim opens up to Jenner about "some things you said you might not realize are hurtful," including a comment in which she referred to daughters Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner as "a distraction." Kim brings up her sister Khloé Kardashian — who will also appear in the new episode and also has a disagreement with Jenner— and why she has been on her mother Kris Jenner's side during all of this.
As Kim explained to her stepfather, Kris was especially upset by the comment in Vanity Fair that, "Had Kris been accepting to who I am, we still would be together." In a surprisingly raw moment, Kim tells Jenner that it was, "The most unfair thing in the world to say." But even with her daughter's emotional plea, Jenner says that her side of the story is not being heard and that she didn't see that statement in the same light. Even more telling, during a separate segment, Jenner sticks to her story, saying in a confessional, "It was an honest article. Sometimes when you're honest, it can be upsetting to some people." As nice as it would be for I Am Cait to continue on its path of being an educational, inspirational program, Jenner is from a famous family and her family is very much a part of her transition. In the previous episode Jenner opened up to friends about her fears when it came to coming home and facing the music with her family, and it seems that's exactly what's unfolding in this episode. Watch the clip here.

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