Beauty Products To Keep You Sane During Venus Retrograde

If you've found yourself feeling inexplicably lustful, aching for an old flame, or just confused about love in general this month, the good news is, it’s not you — it’s Venus Retrograde. Unlike the more well-known Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde comes around every 18 months and fucks with your head and heart monumentally. Not that love isn’t always confusing, but from July 25 to September 6, things will definitely feel more…erratic.
Venus is the planet that rules beauty, creativity, relationships, love, and art. So although this can be a great time to find new inspiration for creative projects, it’s advised not to start new relationships, break up with someone, or think with your genitals during this time.
But for those of you who are like me and love to do things you aren’t supposed to do, the stress can be taxing on your psyche — and your skin. Here are eight products to keep you looking flawless while juggling your work, love life, and trying to stay sane through this retrograde.

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