Update: Kim Kardashian Selfies With Hillary Clinton, World Does Not Implode

Update: Dreams really do come true. Here's the selfie Kim (and Kanye) took with Hillary Clinton tonight, at a fundraiser for the presidential candidate hosted by Scooter Braun and his wife Yael. Yes, that Scooter Braun. Pretty incredible to think we live in a world where these two very different women not only coexist, but also support each other.

Originally published on August 6, 2015 at 10:05 p.m.:
This tweet says it all. We're not entirely positive where she is headed right now (somewhere in L.A., we're guessing, based on tweets about a book-signing at Dash on Melrose, earlier today), but Kim Kardashian West is likely about to meet Hillary Clinton. She's "excited to be meeting our next president tonight," and has grand plans of taking a selfie with her.
Given former Secretary Clinton's recent penchant for social media (joining Instagram and Pinterest, announcing her candidacy on YouTube, broadcasting on Periscope from her first campaign rally, and more), we're thinking she might be game. Naturally, we'll be waiting with bated breath for the selfie that might truly #breaktheinternet.
In the middle of a GOP debate filled with soundbites that are equal parts terrifying and hilarious, the point about the blending of politics and entertainment feels like a foregone conclusion. This just takes it to the next level for us. Related: Hillary might have been at this fundraiser last night, avoiding all mention of the GOP debate, but the Republican candidates were definitely not avoiding mention of her. She was basically at the 11th podium on that stage last night.

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