Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram With Perhaps The Most Perfect Post

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Hillary Clinton, who's long been the politician most famous for texting, just took things up a notch and joined Instagram. Her first and only post is a perfect storm: It takes a joke about pantsuits, adds a patriotic shout-out, and throws in a pun on the title of her book, Hard Choices.

Hard choices.

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It's self-aware, it's funny, and it loves America. Bam. Joining Instagram, however, does not make Clinton much of a first-adopter. The presumed frontrunner on the Republican side, Jeb Bush, has been on the platform for about six months. While his pun game isn't as tight as Hillary's, he did post a pretty sweet pic of his mom (former First Lady Barbara Bush) on her 90th birthday yesterday.

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Neither of those two win the award for most tech-savvy in the 2016 field, though. That'd be Florida Senator Marco Rubio, the youngest major candidate in the race, who has made a talking point of his youth and fresh perspective — something that sets him apart from Clinton. (At 67, she has been in public life since Rubio was in grade school.) Appropriately, Rubio's not only been on Instagram for years; he also joined Snapchat in April.

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