Why Is Kim Kardashian Dressed Up As Audrey Hepburn & Marie Antoinette?

Like it or not, Kim Kardashian is a fashion icon in her own right. But that doesn't mean she's above paying tribute to style stars of old. Elizabeth Taylor has usually been the subject of the reality star's homage, but now she's branching out. Don't get too excited, though. It's just for an energy drink commercial. What on earth do Audrey Hepburn or Marie Antoinette have to do with energy drinks, you ask? We have absolutely no idea. Nevertheless, somebody at Hype Energy decided to put Kim K. in some elaborate costumes and let the camera gaze slowly, longingly at her figure. Yes, we get it. She has breasts. What is it you're selling? The plot — Kim as Audrey has a biking accident, then dreams she's France's reviled former queen — makes no sense. The costumes, however, are pretty sick. Those blonde eyelashes. Those Audrey baby bangs. That's a whole week of selfies right there.

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