It’s Official: These Are L.A.’s 5 Best Food Trucks

As far as Los Angeles stereotypes go, at least one big one is true: We love eating from food trucks. So much that L.A. has become a city filled with them, serving everything from cutesy cupcakes to decadent grilled cheese sandwiches. They come with clever names (Egg Slut, Let's Be Frank), alert their hungry customers to their daily whereabouts via Twitter, and offer dishes nobody would ever guess came from a kitchen on four wheels.
Of course, this begs the question: How does one navigate the wide array of choices? You could eat your way through hundred of trucks in pursuit of the best — or just read a book from a veteran food writer who already did. The latter option, which is the no-brainer best choice, comes in the form of the just-released Los Angeles Street Food by Farley Elliott.
What can you expect from the book? "It's equal parts history and exploration," Elliott told us. That means you'll get the backstory of our city's cultural food revolution, plus the good stuff: A guide to the best trucks and what to order. But don't worry, we've tapped Elliott for his top five picks to get you through the week before Amazon ships your book order.
Ahead, Elliott's top five expert food truck picks, where to find 'em, and what to order. Bon appétit!

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