Which Miley Cyrus Are You?

Child stars often grow up under intense scrutiny, and Miley Cyrus was no exception. Everyone thought she was having a Britney-style public meltdown when she broke out the short, platinum 'do and started sticking out her tongue for every photo.

But of course, Cyrus didn't go underground or back down from her out-loud persona. She went on to hone in on a grown-up, edgy new look, started a nonprofit to help homeless LGBTQ youth, and even doled out some pretty solid relationship advice.

Still, a good portion of America still loves the old Miley — the one who was sometimes known as Hannah Montana, made equally goofy (if more benign) faces, just on Disney Channel instead of MTV. So which of the many faces of Miley are you? Find out by swiping below.

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