Do You Fall Asleep On Your Smartphone? You’re Not Alone

Photographed by Erin Yamagata
And here you thought you gave up your security blanket years ago. According to a mobile consumer report from Bank of America, 71% of American smartphone users regularly sleep with their phones nearby, and 23% of them have actually fallen asleep with a phone in their hand. Houston, we may have a problem. By morning, our allegiances wane slightly, with 36% of all people waking up with their phone on their minds. Although that's less than expected with so many people falling asleep with phones at their sides, it's still more than those who rise thinking of their significant other (10%) or even coffee (17%). And, we'll give you one guess as to what group is the most reliant on their grown-up blankies. Yes, millennials rate higher, even than the average tech-reliant American, on how frequently they use their phones. The study also proved that 54% of people from the ages of 18 to 24 admitted to checking their phones "constantly," while 36% owned up to checking in once every hour. And remember that 23% of people who fell asleep mid-swipe? That number is almost double among only young people — 44% of millennials have drifted off holding their dear smartphone, and 34% regularly sleep with their phone on their bed. Is this a cause for alarm? You can test your dependency on smartphone technology to find out. But, in case we need some perspective, we can always turn to the 10% of people who are still holding out, only checking their phones when they "really need it." You guys are the future... or maybe the past? We're not quite sure.

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