Our Favorite Mascara Got A Makeover — & We’re Digging It

It takes a pretty ballsy person to mess with an iconic beauty product beloved by millions. But, it takes a damn near masochist to even think about touching DiorShow — the potential for beauty junkie backlash is almost guaranteed. Peter Philips, Christian Dior makeup's creative and image director, might be a little of both — the makeup pro is the man behind the makeover of one of the OG cult-classic beauty products, DiorShow Mascara. That's right: As of this month, DiorShow as you once knew it is no more. Deep cleansing breaths, guys. Launched in 2002, DiorShow spawned the XXL brush craze and was an instant success with makeup artists, celebrities, and consumers alike. While the brush remains as big as ever, the formula has undergone a total revamp under Philips' direction and features a whole new formula and some pretty innovative new technology. According to the brand, this new iteration is inspired by lash extensions and features unique microfibers specifically designed to the shape and curvature of your lashes, fitting in-between the lashes. This allows them to make your lashline denser, rather than glomping together in a weird, spiky, spider-leg effect. Also new is the addition of sericin, a silk protein that the brand claims provides protective conditioning to make lashes soft as well as full. Got all that? Finally, the brand is introducing a patented new technology called Air-Lock, a unique wiper inside the tube that keeps air from getting inside and drying out. It also supposedly prevents the mascara from bubbling up and clogging the opening, which can result in prematurely dry, flaky mascara.

The new DiorShow gave me the lashes I wish I had been born with.

So the million dollar question: Is it any better? As someone who wasn't a huge fan of the original DiorShow — I know, I bring shame upon the beauty community — I was pleasantly surprised by the new formula. The old DiorShow gave volume, alright — but it lacked definition. The combination of the large wand and the thick formula always made my lashes look somehow both spiky and gloppy. The new formula, however, gave me the lashes I wish I had been born with. Long, defined, and yet somehow also quite full, I had almost the same look as when I had professional extensions done. I got asked quite a few times if I had, in fact, had extensions — a surprisingly smile-inducing query when you've achieved that effect without spending a ton of money and time getting fake lashes glued to your face. And, for those of you who have had bad experiences with fiber mascaras in the past, let me reassure you that this ain't that kind of fiber. I've had to put a ban on all fiber mascaras due to their annoying propensity to fall in my eyes every time I blinked, which led to the snowball effect of watery eyes, followed by a complete mascara meltdown. Not so with the new DiorShow — my fringe was full, with nary a wayward fiber in sight. In short, the new DiorShow is the shit. If you tried it before and weren't a fan, I highly suggest you give it another go. And, if you love the old one, I have a very strong feeling that you're going to like this new one just as much, if not more. Would Peter Philips ever steer you wrong? Dior DiorShow Mascara, $27.50, available at Dior.

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