Taylor Swift Showed Her Elusive Belly Button & Reddit Went Wild

Photo: Via Imgur.
Taylor Swift's belly button is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, usually concealed by a high-waisted piece of clothing. Just like time, it is merely a flat circle. And spoiler alert: It looks very much like most other navels of the innie variety. Thanks to a series of comments and cover-ups, however, Swift has gotten her belly button caught up in an epic game of cat and mouse. She's withheld it (and discussed its withholding) one too many times, and the internet is now in feverish pursuit of any possible glimpse of Swift's navel. The fine folks at Reddit recently obtained a photo of one such rare sighting, and they responded in the most Redditor way possible.

That's right: Taylor Swift's belly button became the subject of an r/Photoshopbattles thread. You can find all of the masterpieces right here, and some of our favorites below.
Photo: Via Reddit.
Photo: Via Imgur.
Photo: Via Imgur.
Taylor Swift in this photo: "I've got a blank space, baby."
Reddit's response: "And I'll Photoshop in crazy shit."

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