See OITNB Characters As Disney Princesses

Perhaps one reason that Disney stories resonate so heavily is because all the stories are so relatable. Alice in Wonderland perfectly captures the fear and surprise that kid can feel when they're lost or in new places. Elsa from Frozen was the story of a woman finally embracing her true self — and finding her power while at it.
So, it was actually pretty easy to place Orange Is The New Black characters within Disney stories. Piper Chapman, with her "I'm lost" predicament in the first seasons, is a total Alice. Sophia (Laverne Cox), with her confidence-boosting transition, could be Elsa in Frozen. Here, we've commissioned one illustrator to depict our favorite OITNB characters as their corresponding Disney princesses in realistic portraits.
"My main goal was to seamlessly combine the two characters while not having one overshadow the other," illustrator Yehyon Chung says. "I tried to maintain the sharp and edgy tone from Orange Is The New Black, while accentuating the Disney characteristics with vibrant colors."
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