Mindy Kaling Shuts Down Rude Fashion Blogger In The Best Way Possible

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
It's been a pretty great month for Mindy Kaling: The Mindy Project is moving over to Hulu, she's got a book coming out in September, and the comedian just debuted a sleek new bob we can't get enough of. So can haters just let her live already? Apparently not. Fashion site gossipgirl.com posted a review of a recent pink-on-pink ensemble Mindy wore, and let's just say they weren't very nice. Slinging insults in the very first line, the author writes, "Mindy Kaling is one of those 'woman of the people' types who basics find soooooo hilars." Whoa, whoa, whoa. No need to insult both Mindy and her fans in the same breath. (Also, just to clear things up, we are SO not basic.) What's this article supposed to be about again? Oh, right. Fashion. Instead of curling into a ball and crying like we would have done, Mindy reacted as only she can with an epic tweet.
You know you were totally thinking the same thing. Preach, Mindy, preach.
Photo: Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

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