Ranking TV’s High School Couples: Who We Loved and Who We Loved to Hate

You might have liked your fictional high school dramas to play out in a world of beautiful people, in even more beautiful clothes. Or, maybe you wanted some fangs and fur in the mix. Or, perhaps a laugh track, because adolescence is hard and sometimes it needs a few jokes. Whatever high school show you can spend a whole weekend marathoning, the glue that held it together was the young love, the two 20-somethings playing 15-year-olds who gazed deeply into each other's eyes and said everything you wanted that guy in your bio class to say to you.
But some couples were more toxic than beloved. Starting with the couples you hoped would meet a timely end every week, to the pairs you know will be celebrating their 50th anniversary someday, here are the TV couples who, at the very least, made high school seem a lot more interesting.

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