This Brand Lets You Design Your Own Clothes, Down To The Label

Image: Courtesy of Knyttan.
Most of us would like to think we could knit our own sweaters or scarves on a whim. But, all too often, any ambitious DIY project ends up in a half-knitted wad of nonsense on the floor. For anyone who still wants a hand in creating the things that hang in their closets — without actually having to use their own hands — the emerging brand Knyttan offers an innovative solution, by allowing customers to personalize their clothing, and leaving the hard part up to the pros.

Founded in 2014, the London-based company's offerings currently include sweaters and scarves dreamed up by various independent designers (they're hoping to expand into other items soon). Customers can choose between colors, patterns, and cuts — and then, they can take things a step further by inverting prints, adjusting the pattern, and altering the line weights. They can even personalize the label with their name and a unique clothing ID number. Once satisfied, the final photo is sent to a computer-controlled machine that whips up the exact piece you wanted, using 100% merino wool.

Although customized clothing is nothing new, Knyttan is different because it aims to make personalized knitwear available to the masses. Outsourcing the clothes to other countries (like Nike's i.D. program does) takes weeks. But, because Knyttan's wares are made in the heart of London, it takes less than two hours to make a sweater. In fact, the company cofounder Hal Watts believes local mass customization just might be the next big thing. "Customers want a unique element to the products they buy. It's becoming the norm for the industry," he told Fast Co. Design. "Everyone will want a say in the products they purchase." Considering the brand just won the Fashion Futures Award for the Big Idea from the British Fashion Council and Decoded Fashion, we have a feeling Knyttan is onto something major. (Fast Co. Design)

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