Watch What Happens To This Man’s Heart Rate As He Proposes To His Girlfriend

Credit: Gabriela Alford.
We all know that your heart rate can skyrocket when you're stressed, nervous, or excited. And, popping the question is certainly one of the most nerve-wracking and emotional moments someone can go through. To share exactly how nervous he was, one Redditor recorded his heart rate while he proposed to his girlfriend, and GOOD turned the 40 minutes of data into a 90-second video. For most of us, the value of heart rate tracking comes from apps that help push you to your limits during running intervals, see you're getting stressed and help calm you, or gently guide you into a meditative state before heading to bed. But, we loved this fun and emotional take on the concept. In December, Reddit user sesipikai took a vacation to Rome with his girlfriend and he decided to wear a heart rate monitoring strap for the trip. On a normal day, his heart rate hovers around 60 to 65 BPM, but on the day he planned to propose, his heart rate was elevated most of the day. Just before actually voicing his proposal, his heart rate climbed up to 125 BPM. Sesipikai posted a graph of his heart rate data for that portion of the afternoon, but in the video below you can watch in sped-up realtime how his nerves build, drop, and peak as he finally pops the question. We couldn't help but smile with excitement in those last tense few minutes (condensed down to about ten seconds), and the following peak after she says yes.
Update: Sesipikai got back to us and said he and his wife-to-be are still saving up for and planning their wedding, which will take place next summer. He said that he has thought about wearing heart rate belts during the wedding — it "would be interesting to cross-reference my heartbeat with my wife's to be." We agree!

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