15 Celebs Who Personally Welcome Our Cat Overlords

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day. (No, we don't know who creates these holidays. Just accept it.) It doesn't take much to locate a celebrity who's into cats. (You're reading this story because I promised you in the headline that I found 15 of 'em.) But, there's a difference between someone who's into cats and someone who's a straight-up cat person. What I've compiled here are famous humans who are legitimate cat people.
So, what's the difference between being into cats and being a cat person? Well, Instagram. It really separates the enthusiastic from the tolerant. The real cat people document their kitty-time on social media. This is actually a strategic move, if you think about it. If internet trends are any indication, cats will likely one day rule the world. So, these Instas serve as proof that cat people are on the right side of history. Ahead, 15 celebs who welcome our cat overlords.
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