The 12 Best Ariana Grande Live Performances, Ever

Many Ariana Grande skeptics look at the pocket-size pop star and think, There's no way she actually sings. In today's music landscape, putting weak voices in superficially adorable, easily marketable packages is par for the course. But anyone who's seen Grande perform live knows that this 5-foot 21-year-old has the pipes to blow the roof off any stadium. Whether she's doing flawless impressions of Celine Dion or lip syncing alongside Justin Bieber, Grande knows how to put on a show. We find our eyes glued to her, thinking to ourselves, How does she do that?

Grande has served up countless memorable live performances, but ahead you'll find the best of the bunch. Between her cover of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing," and her soaring rendition of the national anthem at a Seattle Seahawks game, it's tough to choose a favorite. Click through for unforgettable performances that are sure to give you chills all over again.

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