Your Horoscope For This Week — May 31 2015

Free your souls, stargazers! On Tuesday, June 2, the annual full moon in Sagittarius shines its liberating beams on the world. Boundaries dissolve, and the truth — in all its unfiltered glory — comes pouring out. There could be laughter and tears from these confessionals, but addressing trouble spots will keep our most crucial relationships alive. Still haven’t planned your epic summer vacation? Sagittarius is the zodiac’s jetsetter so let this full moon lure you to far-flung corners of the world. Even if you can’t take a passport-required journey, cast a wider net in all that you do. #ReallyBigInEurope has a ring to it, no?
On Friday, love planet Venus is on the move, heading into hot and spicy Leo for an extended four-month tour. Normally, Venus checks out of a sign after four WEEKS, but due to a retrograde (brace yourselves) from July 31 to September 6, she’ll hover in the lion’s den for a lot longer in 2015. What does this all mean? Summer lovin' CAN happen so fast. And, the romantic suspense could rival a final rose ceremony at The Bachelorette compound. But, who goes on “the journey” with you — wiping away Bulgari-dazzled tears while Chris Harrison looks on — is anyone’s guess. Venus in Leo can open our hearts to many, and we’ll all be suckers for flattery and attention. During the retrograde (July 31 to September 6), an old flame could shoot back into the picture.
If you’re planning to put a ring on it this summer, Venus in Leo will make your ceremonies utterly unforgettable — gorgeous photos, weeping guests, colorful speeches. Getting hitched while Venus is in retrograde? Don’t skip the requisite pre-marital counseling sessions and plan for a vow renewal on your first anniversary, just to be on the safe side.

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