Equality In Ireland: “I’ve Always Wanted To Get Married & Have Kids”

The staunchly Catholic country of Ireland voted on a marriage equality referendum on Friday, and it passed with a resounding vote of YES. After the celebrating ended (and we heard it was quite a party) we spoke with a few campaigners for equality to find out what the overwhelming vote of YES from the rest of the country meant to them.
I've Always Wanted To Get Married And Have Kids: Elaine Mai
"Not only does it mean that I'm a fully equal citizen in the country I love, it means that any any homophobia or intolerance towards me just won't matter as much anymore. My girlfriend and I were walking towards Dublin Castle for the official announcement and a guy called us dykes. For the first time ever, we looked at him like, what are to you talking about?! Our family and friends accept us, and our country accepts us, you're the one who looks stupid here."  "I've always wanted to get married and have kids. This means that I can propose and if a certain someone says yes one day I'll be able to call her my wife, not civil partner, wife. That will be the norm and that will be amazing. I know I'll never experience that feeling again. It was the best. We asked our amazing country to accept us and our country said YES!"
What If The Irish People Voted No?: Thomas Crosse
"I'm so happy that I'm finally equal. To have the same rights as my family and friends. I was nervous that we were having a referendum on it because what if the Irish people voted no? That's a huge kick in the teeth. It's basically saying 'we don't want your kind here.' I am absolutely thrilled with the support. I received texts and calls from people I haven't heard from in ages over the past 48 hours! 'Just so you know I voted yes.' It's been an emotional few days!" The Entire Nation Has Very Quickly Grown-Up Into An Accepting Place: Cian Duffy
"The result tells me that, despite Ireland's even quite recent and at times shameful past, that the entire nation has very quickly grown up into an accepting place. That I can now enjoy the same rights and protections for my relationship with my partner despite this being illegal when I was born is an astounding turn-around."
We Feel Like All The Love In Ireland Vibrated Around The World: Sasha Hamrogue
"It's been such an incredible moment in Irish history. The astounding and truly committed efforts of the YES campaign reached far and wide and to live in a country that so whole heartedly embraces equality is an overwhelmingly positive feeling. We danced in the streets, we hugged, we laughed and cried. We feel like all the love in Ireland vibrated around the world and we hope it inspires others to fight for change. We woke up in a new Ireland that accepts love in every form and for that we are extremely grateful and excited for the future." 

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