Kylie Jenner Is Working This Weekend ... In A Bikini

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We were sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves for having to work on Memorial Day Weekend when we happened upon Kylie Jenner's latest Instas. Which, yes, make us hella jealous that we're not currently poolside. Also, they made us feel a little better — 'cause it looks like little Kyles is hard at work too.

@sir_neave @monicarosestyle @joycebonelli

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She's not just lounging by her lonesome by the most perfectly clear, dappled water on the planet. She appears to be doing so for a photo shoot. We don't know what the shoot is for, but she credits her stylist Monica Rose and makeup artist Joyce Bonelli for her very natural but flawless look. (Bonelli, btw, is the artist who did her controversial alien blacklight look a couple months ago.) Photographer Neave Bozorgi took the snaps, and posted this one on his Instagram.

round 2 with this human @kyliejenner. @joycebonelli @monicarosestyle @chrisdylanhair

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No, Kylie! Don't do it! Don't go in the water with your pants on! Wet jeans are the worst.  

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