Twitter & Google Cozy Up, Apple Adds Transit To Maps

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter.
There's so much happening in the world of tech, it seems like every day, there's a new app, merger, or major hiring. It can be hard to stay on top of all the latest developments and to discern what's worth your time (and your coveted home-screen space).

To give you a quick rundown, we've rounded up the four tech stories you need to know this week. Your brunch conversation just stepped up a notch.
Amazon Promotes First Woman To Role Of Adviser To The CEO
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos promoted Maria Renz to the coveted role of technical adviser to the CEO. Renz was formerly CEO of Quidsi, the company that owned, which Amazon acquired in 2011. 

Why This Matters: The number of women in leading roles at major tech companies is woefully small, but at least it just grew by one. Renz is one of few women to edge into the top ranks of Amazon (of its seven executive team members, only its worldwide controller, Shelley Reynolds, is female). 
Google More Tightly Integrates Twitter Into Its Search Results
Twitter announced that tweets will start showing up in Google Search results on Google's iOS and Android apps, as well as in mobile web searches — with desktop integration coming soon. Now, a search for Taylor Swift will not only pull up her website and Wikipedia page, but also her most recent tweets. 

Why This Matters: Twitter and Google have had an on-again, off-again sort of relationship through the years. It's good news for us that they're working together again. Searching for tweets from specific users on Twitter isn't exactly easy; this should make that process much faster and simpler. It also signifies Twitter's growing relevance as a real-time newsmaker.

PayPal Fined $25 For Misleading Users Into Joining Credit Program
By inserting a sneaky "Pay Later" button into its user interface, PayPal tricked some users into signing up for its credit service, racking up loads of fees in the process. The company is being fined $25 million for signing people up for this service without their permission, and will have to reimburse users for the fees incurred. 
Why This Matters: Fraud is fraud, and it's good that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking a stand to protect consumer rights and ensure companies don't sneakily (and illegally) coerce us into accruing debt. Our student loans are high enough, thank you.

Apple Reportedly Finally Adding Transit Directions To Maps App
Apple will finally add subway, bus, and train information to its Maps app in iOS 9, 9to5Mac reports. It should debut at WWDC in June. 

Why This Matters: Apple built its own Maps app into iOS in 2012 in order to limit its reliance on competitor Google; at launch, the app was so bad it often sent users to the wrong destinations, forcing Tim Cook to issue a public apology over the debacle. Finally, Apple Maps may be on par with Google Maps in 2015. Maybe. 

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