Here’s What’s Leaving Netflix Forever In June

It's the friggin' weekend! Do you have plans? Cancel them. Why? Netflix has announced which beloved TV shows and films will be leaving the streaming service forever in June — many on June 1. Seeing as it's the last week of May, time is officially running out. Like sand through the hourglass, so, too, is your opportunity dwindling to watch these treasured movies and series.
Come June, you'll no longer be able to watch The Silence of the Lambs (BYE, Clarice) or relive the tragicomedy that was Crash and its surprise Best Picture win (yes, we're still mad about that one). Practical Magic is also pulling a vanishing act, as are Steel Magnolias and Ever After. We repeat: These classics are leaving the 'flix FOREVER.
Seriously, what are you waiting for? Netflix giveth, but Netflix also taketh away. These gems are disappearing, but you've still got a full weekend to watch 'em. As Danielle says in Ever After, "Just breathe." There's plenty of time to kick back and binge before they're gone for good.

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