11 Celebrities In Their Best ’90s-Tastic Moments

A part of us feels like it's too early to start getting all nostalgic about the '90s. Then another part of us realizes that there are actually modern-day celebrities (cough, Kylie Jenner) who were in diapers when Seinfeld went off the air, that's it's been 20 years since Cher Horowitz made out with her stepbrother, Contempo Casuals no longer exists, and ohmygoodness where has the time gone? What happened to our Blossom hats, Must-See TV, and Fly Girls? 
Allow this slideshow to help you pretend — for a moment, at least — that all of these touchstones are still with us. Welcome to Throwback City, a world in which Lisa Frank and dark lipliner rule, Windows 95 is as techy as it gets, and future movie stars are jonesing for Burger King and sugary cereal. Some celebs you now know and love had yet to win their Oscars and Emmys. Back then, they were fairly anonymous spokesmodels, Mystery Date heartthrobs, and music video stars with about as much as cachet as, say, the dancing bee from that Blind Melon video
It was a different time, one full of cringe-worthy moments that are too good to not relive. Dig out your baby tee, zip up your JNCO jeans, and settle in for some truly '90s-tastic flashbacks. 

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