Kim Let It Slip That She Knows Bruce’s New Name

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Ed note: In his interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce Jenner said he identifies as a woman and wants to continue using male pronouns. It's our policy to call everyone by the pronouns they prefer, and so until Jenner tells us differently, we'll use "he" and "his" in our coverage. 

Part One of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians'  special on Bruce Jenner’s transition aired last night, and while it’s clear that he has the full support of his family, some of the kids are having a tougher time than others. Kendall and Khloé seem to be struggling the most, but Kim has reportedly become the de facto daughter around whom Bruce can be unabashedly himself. The mama to almost-2-year-old North West chatted with Access Hollywood for a special three-part interview in which she shares that she recently got to meet the woman Bruce intends to become.  “It was amazing, and she looked beautiful. She was dressed up, beautiful makeup, beautiful hair, very, very, very beautiful and very comfortable. It felt really natural.” The reality star says that while she knows Bruce’s new name, she can’t yet share it with the world.  Kim also explains that the point of delving into this personal matter so publicly is to help other families going through the same thing. “Everyone supports him, but it’s okay to have every emotion,” she explains. “There is this sense of death that we feel, and he understands that, but he’s not going anywhere. “Sometimes Kendall and Kylie get emotional over that and feel like, you know, their dad's gone. But they understand that they've gained someone else that is just as — the same person although a little bit different... It's just a new chapter." In addition to supporting Bruce on his journey, Kim reveals that a big ongoing conversation in the Kardashian household is ensuring that they are honoring the transgender community, particularly as Bruce shifts from "he" to "she." From what we've seen thus far, it seems like they're on the right track. Part One of Access Hollywood's interview with Kim airs tonight.

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