This New Clothing Line Will Fix Bad Desk Posture

We've all been there: You're sitting at your desk, just plugging away on boatloads of work, when you suddenly realize you've been hunched over your computer for hours. Unfortunately, poor desk posture is a common symptom endemic to the modern-day workplace — and while experts agree that stretching and desk yoga can be helpful, there's not much else to do other than to sit up straight (which, when you're staring at a computer screen, is often easier said than done). However, Dutch designer Jeffrey Heiligers has created an alternative solution to combat desk hunchback, with a clothing collection that's tailored to prevent slouching altogether.  Aptly named "Posture," Heiliger's menswear label offers cotton shirts, cardigans, and sweaters in a neutral color palette of white and gray. Although they may look like your average tops, these pieces are constructed in such a way that the fabric across the back tightens slightly whenever the shoulders begin to slump — so that wearers are trained to position their bodies differently. Heiliger worked with a physiotherapist to identify the problem areas that cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. As he told Dezeen, "Posture offers a solution integrated in the clothes you wear. By repositioning the seams in such a way that they start to feel uncomfortable when hunching, it stimulates you to sit up straight." Although Heiliger's line is currently limited-edition and only available for men, he hopes that other designers will follow suit. "I would like the fashion industry to be inspired by the blueprint I created and them to buy/adopt it to prevent upper-back problems in the future," he said. "The more the clothes are used, the less they are needed."  (Dezeen)

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