Are Kylie Jenner & Tyga Actually Engaged?

Photo: Lilly Lawrence/Wireimage.
Kylie Jenner and Tyga are probably more eager than most couples for an important birthday to roll around. Let's not forget that Jenner is just 17 years old, while her rumored rapper beau is 25. The reality star turns 18 in August, which would actually make their relationship legal. But, is there another reason for celebrating her upcoming big day? According to the gossip mill at In Touch, yes. This is probably a very good time to remind everyone that this is the same magazine that gave Jenner's dad Bruce that offensive makeover and is probably the absolute last place anyone in her circle would give the time of day.  “Kylie accepted Tyga’s proposal a few weeks ago and made the announcement to her family,” a source told the gossip magazine. "She wants to get married as soon as she turns 18 in August. “She told her friends that Tyga gave her a ‘symbolic ring’ for now and she isn’t showing anyone until her birthday, when she’ll make an official announcement," the source added. "They’re tired of hiding." Hiding? These two have been blowing up our Instagram feed for ages. Given the source, this rumor is more than likely not true. For Jenner's sake, we hope it's really, really, really not true.  Kylie Jenner & Tyga Are The ONLY People In Favor Of Their Relationship
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