Does The Jem And The Holograms Trailer Live Up To The Hype?

Photo: Courtesy Universal Pictures.
Jem/Jerrica and The Holograms are ready to be introduced to a new generation of fans. The question is, will director Jon M. Chu be able to do justice to the beloved '80s cartoon? Will millennials be won over? Will it be as truly outrageous as '80s kids hope? You can watch the first trailer for the Scooter Braun-produced Jem and the Holograms below to judge for yourself. The crowd on Facebook, however, doesn't seem to be feeling this revision of the childhood favorite. Here's a sampling of responses to the trailer, which stars Aubrey Peeples as the pink-haired rocker.  "THIS IS NOT JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS! This is Hannah Montana with pink hair. What made Jem so much fun and so loved was it is SO not rooted in reality. It had a giant sentient computer that looked like a combo of a TV and a pipe organ that created holograms! It had crazy plots. Everyone's hair was that weird color from birth! I will not be seeing this as this is NOT Jem and the Holograms! I'm going to go and try not to cry now. I had such hopes!" "This is a travesty on my childhood!"  "So sad, this is NOT Jem. No star earrings, no Synergy, no Misfits!! She looks more like the missing member of KISS than Jem!! So disappointed!!" Well, you can't win them all. Perhaps the millennials will have a more positive reaction when the film opens on October 23. 

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