Nepal Hit By Another Earthquake

Photo: Niranjan Shrestha/AP Photo.
Barely two weeks after a huge (7.8 magnitude) quake hit Kathmandu and killed more than 8,000 people, a second major earthquake has struck Nepal, leaving more than a thousand injured and at least 37 dead. The country is struggling to rebuild. Nepal has suffered through hundreds of aftershocks since the disaster on April 25, and according to the BBC, this week's tremor was stronger and went on longer than any of the others. This time, the quake hit the eastern part of Nepal, and while residents of the capital city as well as India and China could feel it, the death toll has so far been much lower than after April's earthquake. Nepalese families still poured into the streets when it hit, terrified of being trapped inside collapsing buildings as so many people were before.  Government forces rescued 117 people trapped in three remote mountain villages just hours before the new quake hit. The new earthquake, and the aftershocks that are sure to follow, will only complicate already-diffcult rescue efforts from aid agencies, according to a Reuters report. Difficult mountain roads and unsteady ground have made it difficult to get to many people who were hit by the quake, but as Caroline Anning of Save the Children told Reuters, aid teams that went two weeks ago are now well-placed to help out the newly hit communities. "Some of the poorest communities had already lost absolutely everything and were terrified of another earthquake, so there will be a lot of trauma to deal with," Anning said. If you're wondering how to help survivors, check out this list of groups running relief efforts.

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