Why Didn't Blake Lively Show Up To The Met Gala?

Last night in New York City, the celebrity elite got dolled up — and even inked — to attend one of the most talked-about red carpet events of the season: the Met Gala. But, in a sea of gravity-defying ponytails, pizza capes, and flesh-baring cutouts, one face was markedly missing. Blake Lively was all set to show up with hubby Ryan Reynolds, but the pair never arrived at the museum.

What happened? Where were they? Inquiring minds want to know! Twitter pretty much exploded as the evening revealed a complete and total lack of Lively — there was a lot of bemoaning about the Age of Adaline star and her Gossip Girl BFF Leighton Meester missing one another on their breakfasting stairs, too. As of this morning, these questions remained unanswered — but if the internet has anything to say about it, we will get to the bottom of this mystery.

We never in a million years would have predicted that Blake Lively would skip out on such a major fashion event. After all, the new mom recently rocked 10 different outfits in a single day while promoting her new movie. She’s nothing if not sartorially dedicated.

That said, the couple certainly has a lot going on as of late. Between a new baby, hectic filming and promoting schedules, and Reynold’s recent scare, we wouldn’t blame the pair for deciding to stay home and hang out in sweatpants. Sometimes, the best decision is to just chill out and leave the binding clothes in the closet.

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