Kris Jenner Finally Speaks Up About Bruce Jenner’s Transition

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Kris Jenner’s voice was markedly absent from Diane Sawyer’s landmark interview with Bruce Jenner. But, a sneak peek at the upcoming Keeping Up with the Kardashians special on the subject of Bruce’s transition may have just revealed why. While the family has sent strong messages of love and support following Bruce's pivotal interview, only so much can be communicated via social media. It's possible that Kris Jenner has saved most of her response for KUWTK in order to preserve the nuance of how she's navigating this complex experience. Set to air on May 17 and 18, the two-part episode shows the reality star finally talking about her feelings on her former partner's transition. In the teaser clip, Kris sits on the couch with her daughter, Kim Kardashian, wearing pajamas — and wiping away tears.  “He has to deal with this for his entire life, waking up and feeling like, ‘Whoa, this isn’t my body, this doesn’t feel comfortable.' That’s the only way I can kind of imagine it. And, you really have to like, let go," the Selfish author tells her mom.  “I have these memories of this life and I feel sometimes like it didn’t exist,” Kris responds. While she's called Bruce her hero for coming forward with his story, it's also understandable that Kris has a lot to work through herself in light of her husband's transition (the couple filed for divorce last year).  The matriarch of the Kardashian clan faced criticism after “Bruce Jenner: The Interview” aired. While Bruce’s two previous wives released statements of support to ABC, Kris’ voice was missing from the chorus of former partners — a fact made more inflammatory after the reality star alleged that Diane Sawyer had not asked her to comment on her ex's transition. From the looks of the upcoming special, it appears the world is finally going to hear what Kris Jenner has to say: See the clip in its entirety on TODAY.

Ed note: In the interview, Bruce Jenner told Diane
Sawyer he identifies as a woman and wants to continue using male
pronouns. It's our policy to call everyone by the pronouns they prefer,
and so until Jenner tells us differently, we'll use "he" and "his" in
our coverage.

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