Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield: Still A Couple?

We are not ashamed to admit that we’re overly invested in continued relationship of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. They are adorable and seemingly perfect for one another, which is why when breakup rumors started circling we were pretty distraught. Good news, though. Stone was recently snapped carrying a brown paper bag with Garfield’s name written on it while leaving the pair’s shared stylist’s office. Our take? The actress is ferrying wardrobe items on behalf of the Spider-Man star, which is not something you do for someone you have definitively split with, probably. We recognize that there are other possibilities here. This could be a big brown paper bag full of Garfield’s stuff Stone is returning to him forever, or possibly tossing into a river. It could also have been the only bag the stylist had left in her office (how embarrassing). But, maybe — just maybe — it’s evidence that the couple has picked up where they left off, if in fact they ever left off at all, and that Emma Stone is out running efficient errands. Fingers crossed for that last option. 
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