This Is What Happens When You Sneak A Pic Of Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

About four days ago, an Instagram of a Hollywood couple dining at New York City's Lure Fishbar surfaced.
Beyond a very Scarlett Johansson-looking blur sipping what could possibly be tea emerged the grainy, Mayfair-tinted visages of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. She appeared shocked — the human version of the open mouthed awe emoj and he, quizzical. The photographer had been spotted, but the moment was 'Grammed and the user's 15 minutes started ticking.
Upon further inspection, it appears as though the blonde photog wasn't the only one sipping the tea that day. Stone and Garfield's spidey senses engaged the moment the lens faced them and decided to spill it all for Instagram to see and like. Hello, Insta-validation!
Honestly, how dare this girl, though? Emma and Andrew look like they were enjoying a relatively chill meal — complete with wine and giggles — and this human with no chill comes along and tries to join in. Thank the famous demigods on high she tried trapping some of the chillest celebrity souls on Insta-celluloid, because a celebrity by any other name (or Starbucks drink size) would likely demand the photo be deleted. Pics or it didn't happen, right? Man, talk about an ego shattering.

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