Every Drama-Tastic Ariana Grande Rumor From 2014

Photo: REX USA/Rex.
Oh, the irony of Starbucks-Trenta-come-to-life Ariana Grande's hit single declaring she's got "one less problem." It's undeniable that the pint-size pop star had an amazing 2014. She was nominated for her first Grammy and performed everywhere from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to Saturday Night Live. She has more than 21 million followers on both Instagram and Twitter. Fans write impassioned messages to her. All things considered, one would think Ariana Grande was on top of the world.
There's just the nagging issue of those problems, you see. She may only be 21 years old, but somehow Ariana Grande has managed to be the subject of more rumors than most divas accumulate in a lifetime.
Here are the drama-filled stories — from the ridiculous to the potentially real — that refused to let Ariana Grande break free in 2014.

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