Every Drama-Tastic Ariana Grande Rumor From 2014

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Oh, the irony of Starbucks-Trenta-come-to-life Ariana Grande's hit single declaring she's got "one less problem." It's undeniable that the pint-size pop star had an amazing 2014. She was nominated for her first Grammy and performed everywhere from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to Saturday Night Live. She has more than 21 million followers on both Instagram and Twitter. Fans write impassioned messages to her. All things considered, one would think Ariana Grande was on top of the world.
There's just the nagging issue of those problems, you see. She may only be 21 years old, but somehow Ariana Grande has managed to be the subject of more rumors than most divas accumulate in a lifetime.
Here are the drama-filled stories — from the ridiculous to the potentially real — that refused to let Ariana Grande break free in 2014.
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She Insists On Being Carried
"Her new rule is that she has to be carried — literally carried like a baby — when she doesn’t feel like walking," a source revealed to In Touch just this week. A rep for Grande told Gossip Cop that the rumor simply isn't true, but, well, there's a lot of evidence to the contrary.

Plausibility: Again, that evidence.

Diva Level (on a scale of 1 to 5 Mariah Careys): 5 Mariahs
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She Told Ed Sheeran What?
Ed Sheeran was having the time of his life at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. But, it wasn't the sea of leggy models that had him in seventh heaven. According to Sheeran, he was cracking up in response to fellow performer Ariana Grande's particularly dirty joke about the big inflatable black balls the crowd was tossing around during the finale.

Plausibility: It's Sheeran's word against Grande's, but if she wants to work blue, by all means go for it, Ariana.

Diva Level: 1 Mariah
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Don't Even Try To Photograph Her From The Left
Grande reportedly canceled several photo shoots she had scheduled on a tour of Australia when shutterbugs wouldn't listen to her demands not to photograph her from the left or in natural light. The singer reportedly asked to see every single picture that was taken and then had an entire set deleted because she didn't like the top she had on.

Plausibility: Looking through photos of Grande on wire services, one definitely notices that the majority of them have, in fact, been taken from her left side. Nevertheless, this isn't as uncommon among celebrities as it sounds.

Diva Level: 5 Mariahs
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Do Not Bring Up Mariah Carey, Though
Even though Grande's impressive range evokes many comparisons to Mariah Carey's pipes, the elusive chanteuse is apparently on a long list of topics journalists aren't allowed to bring up in interviews with Ariana. Also on the list: collaborating with Justin Bieber, Sam & Cat and former costar Jennette McCurdy, and Grande's love life.

Plausibility: This list sounds legit.

Diva Level: 4 non-Mariahs because see above regarding bringing up Mariah Carey
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Jennette McCurdy Responds To Fake Shade
According to a variety of sources, things did not end amicably between Grande and her former Sam & Cat costar Jennette McCurdy. The final straw in their crumbling relationship was most likely a Photoshopped tweet in which Grande supposedly wrote, "@jennettemccurdy @PerezHilton sorry can't see your tweets from up here in the charts slaying." Not knowing the tweet was fake, McCurdy responded, "Sorry but you clearly could since you responded directly to a conversation you were not tagged in."

Plausibility: Grande's hesitance to do another season of Sam & Cat was painted by many media outlets as yet another sign of her increasingly diva-like behavior. Add in the shots (both real and Photoshopped) fired on Twitter, and it doesn't look like the two will ever build a bridge and get over this one.

Diva Level: 3 Mariahs
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She Avoided A Contest Winner
A devoted fan won a contest in which the prize was a meet-and-greet with Grande. She spent a lot of time crafting artwork for her idol. When the big moment arrived, however, Grande wouldn't say a word to her fans. She merely spent 15 seconds taking selfies with each of the contest winners, then had her security team make sure any photos she didn't like were deleted after she left. Even MTV reps were supposedly aghast at her behavior, saying, "Sometimes celebrities are like that."

Plausibility: The contest winner's father wrote a scathing blog post decrying Grande's behavior. After the post went viral, the singer said that she had to leave after seeing a piece of fan art featuring her recently deceased grandfather. Her rep asked the fan's father to update his blog post because, "[It] had become a legitimate news story, and it was Ariana’s album release week, and the story was making her uncomfortable."

Diva Level: 4 Mariahs
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She's A Nightmare On Set
There's apparently hell to pay when photographers don't follow the aforementioned rules. "She arrived hours late, with no explanation, and refused to do anything that the photographer asked,” an exasperated insider dished to Star about one such incident. “She was acting like a crazy person. One minute she was all sweetness…then she’d storm out, only to come back two minutes later, all smiles. It was very bizarre."

Plausibility: We don't put a ton of faith in tabloid reports from anonymous sources (otherwise Jennifer Aniston would have had 28 children by now).

Diva Level: 4 Mariahs
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Her Life Coach Quit
An insider told Page Six that Grande's life coach, who had been hired to keep her centered and healthy, "walked off the job months ago because he just couldn’t handle her attitude."

Plausibility: Isaac Calpito took to Twitter to say that he wasn't fired, he resigned. Also, he wishes Ariana the best.

Diva Level: 2 Mariahs
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She Wants Her Fans To Die
Grande was all smiles in front of fans during a visit to a radio station this summer. It was a very different story, though, the second the doors of the elevator whisking her away from the public closed. She apparently told someone, "I hope they all fucking die."

Plausibility: Grande's fans are her life force, and we want to believe she's not this cruel toward them in private.

Diva Level: 2.5 Mariahs
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She's An Entirely Different Person With Her Hair Down
When you're building a personal brand, it helps to always look the same so fans will easily be able to recognize you. Grande made so many appearances with her hair swept off her face (either in a full ponytail or half up, half down) that the media started to joke that she was completely unrecognizable when she wore her hair down.

Plausibility: This one's more on the media for making such a big deal about a woman wearing her hair in a different style.

Diva Level: 1 Mariah
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"The Boy Is Mine"
Grande and her "Bang Bang" collaborator Jessie J were reportedly going to team up again to cover the seminal Brandy and Monica classic, "The Boy Is Mine."

Plausibility: Not happening, Jessie J said at the American Music Awards.

Diva Level: 1 Mariah
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She Was Fashion Roadkill
Ariana Grande did not want to get touched by an Angel at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Plausibility: It happened, and the singer was extremely good-natured about it. "[A] Victoria's Secret angel accidentally smacked me in the face with her wings and it was awesome #goals #bangbangintomyface," she joked on Twitter.

Diva Level: 2 Mariahs
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She Wants An Engagement Ring For Christmas
According to Life & Style, Grande and rapper Big Sean have "been talking marriage recently," and "she is hoping for a ring this Christmas."

Plausibility: C'mon, we're talking about a 21-year-old currently at the peak of her celebrity. Would she really get married right now?

Diva Level: 1 Mariah
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She's A Font
This rumor is actually coming from inside the office. It was brilliantly joked about by our former colleague Leila Brillson.

Plausibility: Someone should make a font called Ariana Grande.

Diva Level: 14-point Helvetica Neue
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