Draco Malfoy Is Still Making Kim Kardashian Jokes

Sheesh. You dye your hair platinum for, like, half a second and suddenly you're the perpetual poster child for bleach blondes.  If Kim Kardashian didn't already regret her brief dalliance with blonde locks before, she probably will now that she's the butt of Tom Felton's jokes. Felton, of course, knows a little something about being associated with bleach, being famous for playing peroxided pest Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.  Felton first noted the Draco-Kim K comparison in March. Kardashian soon restored her hair to their natural brunette state, but it seems the British actor can't resist having a bit more fun at her expense.  It all started with a lost passport. The former child star lost his at LAX, prompting gags from James Corden and this entertaining Twitter chain. 
At last, the passport was reunited with its owner. Here's how he broke the news.

Relax citizens. Passport found!!!! Kim K had it.

A photo posted by Tom Felton (@t22felton) on

Poor Kim. What's next, threatening to have her hippogriff executed? OPENER IMAGE: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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