Draco Malfoy & The Weasleys Reunite

We're calling it: Tom Felton is officially our new favorite person to follow on Instagram. Yes, he played the ultimate Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, but it's just too hard to resist a bleach-blond star who pulls pranks and makes topical Kim Kardashian jokes. Oh, and did we mention how he still hangs out with the Harry Potter crew?

Over the weekend the real-life Gryffindor spent some quality time with three people Draco Malfoy loathed: Fred, Ginny, and Ron Weasley. Former co-stars James Phelps, Bonnie Wright, and Rupert Grint met up at West Hollywood's State Social House. Naturally, Felton couldn't resist sharing a snap and making one last Kim K reference. 

Kim K stood me up. Outnumbered by 3 Weasleys. Ugh.

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Phelps (minus his twin, which is a travesty) shared his own reunion photo. 

Mini family reunion...and Tom. Great night with the gang

A photo posted by James Phelps (@jamesphelps_pictures) on

Oh, memories. It's adorable that the cast still hangs out, but can the Weasley family actually trust Draco? He totally seems like the kind of guy who'd slip some potion into Fred's Long Island Iced Tea before locking Ginny in the ladies' room with Moaning Myrtle. Stay vigilant, Weasleys. 

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